Soap Boxes and Shitty Esports People

Soap Boxes and Shitty Esports People

It’s been a hell of a week for the Overwatch League and we do our best to wade through the massive amounts of controversy generated by the league’s players, casters, and mods. From xQc to Malik Forte and Soe to Uncleswagg, we do our best to try and help esports grow up a bit. You know it’s gotten bad when life advice is coming from us!

xQc Drama
Richard Lewis on If Emotes Can Be Racist
The History Of TriHard
xQc’s Original Offense
Malik Calls Out Twitch Chat
Malik’s Twitter Thread
xQc’s Reaction To Getting Released

Medium Post About Uncleswagg
Compete’s Coverage
Uncleswagg Gets Demoted

Soe International Women’s Day Controversy
Soe’s Twitter Thread
Guardian Coverage

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