Esports has a Twitch Problem or Nobody Puts Kaplan in a Corner

This week we discuss Blizzards exclusive Twitch streaming deal, the Tainted Minds controversy gets worse, Clash for Cash, and why CEO has us gushing about the FGC.

ELEAGUE Announces Injustice 2 World Championship

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Intel’s Grand Slam or Pour One Out For Yahoo Esports

On this episode, we discuss the slew of fighting game announcements at E3, the death of Yahoo Esports, Intel’s deal with ESL, Overwatch Contenders, and more.

NA LCS Franchising or Quality Of (No) Life Changes

On this episode of Rally Point, we go in depth on the NA LCS Franchising announcement, discuss Echo Fox’s awesome new Challenger squad, Overwatch Contenders, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Popularity, ESL Pro League Season 5, and more.

NCAA Ruins Esports or That Muzzy Love

On this episode, we discuss all the upcoming Overwatch content, NCAA getting into esports, the ELEAGUE finals, Combo Breaker, Hearthstone, and more.

Contenders and Rivals or Hearthstone Math Is Hard

On this episode, Brian and Seven discuss Overwatch Contenders, Vainglory Worlds, Riot Rivals, Hearthstone drama, and more.

Anonymous Overwatch Sources or One Spicey D.Va

On this week’s show we discuss Blizzard’s response to ESPN sources, more esports investment news including The Hollywood Hammer, Hearthstone netdecking, ELEAGUE results, and more.

Street Fighter V, Overwatch League, and the ESL Female Open

On this week’s show the guys discuss Group C of ELEAGUE, the latest round of news from the Overwatch League Saga, NBA 2K Eleague, and the controversy surrounding the ESL Female Open.

Hearthstone’s Gnomes Gone Wild, Franchising, and the IEM Fyre Festival

On our latest episode we cover the big League of Legends franchising news, Clash Royale’s Global Championship, DreamHack Austin, the new Wild Hearthstone competition, and more.

Franchising Pains and H1Z1 Rainbow Hot Pants

On this week’s show the guys discuss the rumors of NA LCS franchising, more gambling concerns in esports, Heroes of the Storm 2.0, and the H1Z1 Fight For The Crown.

The Benjamin Button of Esports and Fnatic’s Plan for World Domination

On the latest episode, Brian and Seven discuss the state of esports journalism, Fnatic’s plans for China, more Overwatch League Drama, the salaries of players, and more.

Journey to Un’Goro Hearthstone Special with Dr Jikininki

Seven and Dr Jikininki talk about the state of the meta after the launch of Un’Goro.

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