Hearthstone’s Gnomes Gone Wild, Franchising, and the IEM Fyre Festival

On our latest episode we cover the big League of Legends franchising news, Clash Royale’s Global Championship, DreamHack Austin, the new Wild Hearthstone competition, and more.

Franchising Pains and H1Z1 Rainbow Hot Pants

On this week’s show the guys discuss the rumors of NA LCS franchising, more gambling concerns in esports, Heroes of the Storm 2.0, and the H1Z1 Fight For The Crown.

The Benjamin Button of Esports and Fnatic’s Plan for World Domination

On the latest episode, Brian and Seven discuss the state of esports journalism, Fnatic’s plans for China, more Overwatch League Drama, the salaries of players, and more.

Journey to Un’Goro Hearthstone Special with Dr Jikininki

Seven and Dr Jikininki talk about the state of the meta after the launch of Un’Goro.

LCS Riches, Overwatch Changes, and Hearthstone Global Games Drama

On today’s episode the guys discuss the benefits of LCS team ownership, why picks and bans don’t work in Overwatch, Esports Burnout, the Hearthstone Global Games, and lots more.

Hearthstone Winter Championship and the State of Hearthstone Esports

On today’s episode we recap the HCT Winter Championship and chat with Blizzard’s Matt Wyble about the future of HCT.

Hearthstone Reveals and Illustrative Corruption

On today’s show we dive deep into CS:GO, conflicts of interest, gambling scandals, tournament issues, and Valve’s lack of responsibility for the whole thing. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We talk about the conclusion of the awesome Trinity Series as well as t...

Sombra-Level Hype and D.C. Liquids

On this week’s show we discuss more Overwatch League rumors, where Team Liquid is getting all this bank, cheating in Esports, and Paladins on the console.

The Business End Of Esports and Snack-Sized Hardwell

On today’s show we debate the cost of an Overwatch spot, talk about the impact on homegrown organization, recap IEM Katowice, and gush some more over the FGC.

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